What it's all about.

This site is my hobby-site. I will blog a lot about my hobbyies, Programming (PHP, HTML, JavaScript), and will even designate a page for that. 

This blog, however is for my other hobby electronic kits and home brewed electonic ideas, either of me or of somone else, that's made a nice thing, that I also made and can show you how I did.

It's more or less for my own fun i do it, but also to make the interest for making your own stuff grow among my readers.

Just follow me and see.  

Yeah, I'm working on it

Crashed site

My site crached on me. I was using Drupal 8.8.0, upgraded to 8.8.1 and installed a plugin that were no longer compatible. That happens.

That should not be a problem, but this time it was. I am fairly sick of that happening with Drupal 8x. (it's not the first time), so now I installed Drupal 7.69 (the latest at the time if writing). 

Now I am in the process of setting up the site as I want it to be, before I write the pages and articles I want on this page.

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