What it's all about.

This site is my hobby-site. I will blog a lot about my hobbies, Programming (PHP, HTML, JavaScript), and will even designate a page for that. 

Just follow me and see.  

Yeah, I'm working on it

Crashed site

My site crached on me. I was using Drupal 8.8.0, upgraded to 8.8.1 and installed a plugin that were no longer compatible. That happens.

That should not be a problem, but this time it was. I am fairly sick of that happening with Drupal 8x. (it's not the first time), so now I installed Drupal 7.69 (the latest at the time if writing). 

Now I am in the process of setting up the site as I want it to be, before I write the pages and articles I want on this page.

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