Rosè I, Done 21 Aug 2021

This is also an experiment, more or less. I know Rose pepper is good with cheese, so no I am finding out if it's good in cheese!

PapriCheese I, Done 13 Aug 2021

This cheese need a bit of preparing. We do not want any wild bacteria in our culture, so the paprika itself must be treated to remove or kill the bacteria types we don't want.

Let's have a look at the way I made this cheese:

KeyNöst I, Done 6. Sep 2021

Nöst VI, Done 30 Jul 2021

This cheese is the first to use my new recipe (as you might know, I used the last cheese to make the recipe. I soon found that I used 3 dl cream too much. That resulted in a cheese at 1059 gram, that's a bit more then my press could take, so it made the cheese big and a bit on the soft side.

Nöst V, Done 27 Jul 2021

This cheese turned out to be the one I made while writing the recipe for the Cheese. until then I'd used Nöst II as that. However, I felt that I needed a real recipe.

Of that reason, there's not much to tell about this cheese. There is a few things that I'd like to mention:

Nöst IV, Done 16 Jul 2021

Article with recipe here.

About this cheese there is not much to say, since I follow the recipe, I will only write the deviations from the recipe, and this time there is none. I have taken pictures, and will make a gallery thingy for the cheese.

You will however notice that I've changed kettle.

Nöst III, 13 May 2021, Done 15 July 1021

This time, I used the recipe from «Nöst II», and followed it as well as I could.

You know, things happen, so this log entry is mostly to show where I deviate from the recipe or if I get a good Idea. I will follow the recipe from «Nöst II» until I know it's good enough. And I won't really know that before its finished aging.

That's also why I write this log so thoroughly, so I can use or discard methods as the cheeses gets old enough to be eaten. 

Nöst II, 08 May 2021, Done 10 July 2021


This will be the recipe I will use, until I write another one. This is the culmination of a lot of YouTube viewing, a lot of reading an a little bit testing, as this is my third cheese. I will number the cheeses with roman numerals, hence this cheese's name, «Nöst II».

So let us begin:

Nöst I, 30 Apr 2021 - Done 30 June 2021

I was learning from the last time, when the cheese turned out just a tad to small for my rib-roll-press, I used 5 l whole milk this time, 


First Aged Cheese, Part 1

I am sorry that I do not have pictures of the first part of the process, but I will give you the method I used here. Next cheese will have pictures of all parts of the process.

Well I started off by slowly warming 4 liters of whole milk (4% fat) to 30° Celsius (oh yeah, we're metric - only metric here - you guys with 12 fingers and toes must manage for yourself).