A login system I

I am working on a login system in PHP that will be secure, advanced, but still so easy to implement that it's possible to do for even beginners in PHP programming.

It will have all wistles and bells, in short (longer descriptions will come as I go along):

  • Encrypted passwords
  • Database handling (It'll use MariaSQL/MySQL as database).
  • Full user database (...obviously with a lot of optional fields).
  • Password aging (optional)
  • Password memory (optional, if password aging is on - no limit on how many passwords it can remember, but 3 or 6 is recommended)
  • Password generator
    That will be used to make a password at creation time. That password will then be mailed to the user (if a mail address is present) and can only be used once. The user can also use the password generator to set his/her password.
  • Forgot password routine with link to password reset page, with a 50 characters random string for security. That link will only exist for 30 min (will use cron for that, so command line PHP is needed).
  • Extensive documentation and SQL-files to create tables.

At present, I'm working on the pages to display it for those who want it, but that will also be «protected» by the same login system, so I'll have to finish that while I'm at it. 

Now I don't use flow charts and all those things to keep me on the straight and narrow path, so I build the road as I walk it so to speak. That makes it take a bit longer, but it will be more feature rich. I do not need to limit my project. There is nothing to save on it, since I don't get paid for this.

However, once I get to version 1.x on this thing, I might need some help to translate the language file from the system. I can only make it in English and Norwegian, so the rest of the languages, I will need help from you, the users/programmers that use the system.

If you follow the building here, It's built live, so it may be broken from time to time. That's when I am working/testing new code in it or that I'm so sick of looking for a spesific error that I quit for the day. It'll work again soon enough.

Stay tuned there will come more as I keep working on it.