What the h€ll is going on?

I have bought ten Atmega328P chip. It's the same chip that's in the Arduino UNO. They are to be the controller/brain for my projects that might need a controller. Many projects will need that.

I also bought an Arduino UNO (as I've told you about in an earlier article). That I bought, to test code and use in the planning of my projects.

Now, I need a programmer to get code into the chip, so rather then going on ebay to find one, I found out what I needed to make one myself on the Internet.

My first prototype you can see on the left.

It worked just fine! 

Now, if you want the wire diagram, just click here

The next plan was to convert the bread board version to a more permanent one, using a prototype board.

I made it, part by part, checking over and over again that the wiring was the same.

Still, when I tried it, it did not work!

I rebuilt the bread board one with another USB to UART converter, and it worked like a charm!

Then I removed the wiring of the failed programmer and rewired it from wire to wire, ensuring that I wired it exactly as the working bread board prototype. Still not working.

The next thing I did, was to make all components on the bread board be so low as possible, realizing that this would be my programmer for now, however I do have a, what I think is, a good idea for a permanent programmer:

The chip-holder at the bottom of the failed programmer would be very gentle with the chip and would last for a very long time. My plan is to use an Arduino UNO (already ordered), and replace the chip on that with the chip holder on the picture. I am almost certain that they are pin compatible so I can slip that holder right in and have a good, lasting programmer.

As soon as I get the chip holder (that has been ordered) and the other UNO, I'll keep you updated!

It's actually not an all that expensive way to make a programmer if it works as I hope.


Hope you learned something!







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