Why the wait?

Now why am I not working on the login system?

There are three reasons for that:

  1. I'm stuck!
    I am having problems using the system in subdirectories (among other issues). 
    Something it's just best to let things rest a while when you're stuck. I have made systems like this several times before and I'l probably find the error quite fast when I start up again in a week or a few.
    Then I will make a fix or a workaround, so ti will work flawlessly. I work with the philosophy «It's done when it's done!».
    After that, of cause, I will have to make a good package for it wit ha HOWTO and everything.
  2. Electronics
    I am working a bit with electronics right now, so that takes time from me sitting here programming,
    After all, it's all just hobbies for me.
  3. Cheese!
    I have started making cheese. The first batch I made with vinegar and not rennet, to make fresh cheese. It worked fine, and my next thing now is to make with rennet and bacteria culture.
    That cheese will have to ripen for six weeks.
    My goal is to make something close to «Gouda», and also a «Cumin cheese» as I love the Norwegian «Nøkkelost»  but it's quite expensive, so by making it my self I can get it as cheep as the «Gouda».
    I will make a page for that, being my log and as I develop my cheese making skills, it will all be there, for me and anyone else that want tl learn how to make the cheese as I do it.

So take it easy, the login system will come and it will work, and it will be easy for a quite new PHP programmer to implement.