First Cheese!

Of cause it was more or less a failed attempt, but I managed to save it and it turned out quite fine actually.

Now, how did I do this, what went wrong and what went right?


  • I used 3 liters og whole milk
    Just pasteurized milk right out of the carton into the kettle.
  • 1/2 deciliter of 7% white vinegar
    I could add a little more if the milk didn't curd as it should. The vinegar is to be added when the milk has been heated.
  • Bring the milk to a boil and keep it there.
    What I should have done, was to bring the milk up to 90°C and then remove it from the heat before adding the vinegar.
  • Add the vinegar in a small stream while stirring.
  • Stir till you get curds and the liquid becomes transparent
    Now, what I should have done, was to leave it for ten minutes, then slowly stir carefully until I got big curds in the liquid.

Because I used to much heat and stirred to much from the beginning, I ended up with extremely small curds in the milk.

However they did stay in the cheese cloth, so I managed to make the cheese and it turned out quite well. A bit to little salt in it, but else quite good.

I then divided it into two and added freshly ground, black pepper. And as I am writing this, my breakfast gets eaten:

Bread with my own homemade cheese!

I added some pepper and some salt flakes and I think it tastes delicious! 


Have a cheesy day!