Free programs

This is a work in progress. Look in from time to time to se even more free programs get described. 

I start with Kdenlive. It's a non linear video editor that can edit and work with most video formats.

To look at it close, click on the logo in upper left corner.


LibreOfficeThis is a full office suite that contains all you can wish for. Even more feature rich than the other office suite from the well known software producer...

It contains so much, that I'd rather link to the «What is LibreOffice?» -page on their site.

This is, if you ask me, the best media player out there. It can play almost everything you throw in its face, and is fast and efficient.

It can also convert between different formats, and a lot of other stuff, that I haven't even tried yet. I have used this one since at least 2006, This is what they themselves say about it's features.

Adobe's PDF-reader s good, but since it is so much used and also so feature rich, it has had a problems with viruses. It still has.

Foxit is also very feature rich, and for me it has been a full replacement for Adobes app. It also comes with a PDF-printer utility, so you can make PDF-s of any document.

Foxit themselves, say this about their features.