Nöst III, 13 May 2021, Done 15 July 1021

This time, I used the recipe from «Nöst II», and followed it as well as I could.

You know, things happen, so this log entry is mostly to show where I deviate from the recipe or if I get a good Idea. I will follow the recipe from «Nöst II» until I know it's good enough. And I won't really know that before its finished aging.

That's also why I write this log so thoroughly, so I can use or discard methods as the cheeses gets old enough to be eaten. 

These are my normal additives, Calsium Chloride, bacteria culture and rennet.

Starting with the warming of the milk to 30°C


All additives added and I gave it a good 45 minutes to set.

Got a nice clean break, as shown on the picture - You know, of cause, that you can click on the pictures to see them bigger in it's own window?

Then, with my cefs knife, I cut it diagonally, to cut it from top to bottom

So, after 5 minutes of break, 5 minute with stirring and 5 minutes of rest again, I could remove a liter of wey and replace it with 60°C water.


After adding the water, I ended upp at 36°C. Good'n!


Everything was poured into the colander lined with a kitchen towel.


That's when I realized that the lemonade making cloth I use as a cheese cloth still wasn't washed since the last time I made Cheese.

I wrapped the curd in the sieve and left it for one hour and 20 minutes to wait for the lining for the cheese.


As you can clearly see, 1 hour and 19 minutes to wait!...

Well, the washing machine finished eventually, and I got my linen to put around the cheese.

While wrapping the cheese I found that if I stretched the rings, they would go past each other and (hopefully) make less marks on the top of the cheese. 

But if the rings left less of a mark, I couldn't find out till it was pressed for ten hours...


After that it got over the night in saturated brine, before it got a day to dry off


Then it was vacuum packed and down to storage where it'll get two months at about 7°C, while it gets turned every day.



Have a cheesy day!