Nöst IV, Done 16 Jul 2021

Article with recipe here.

About this cheese there is not much to say, since I follow the recipe, I will only write the deviations from the recipe, and this time there is none. I have taken pictures, and will make a gallery thingy for the cheese.

You will however notice that I've changed kettle.

( click on the pictures to see them big in own window)

All the ingredients, ready to make cheese.

The temperatures had to be watched - and they was!

The resting times were also observed and followed. Look at the handles on this kettle. They are diagonal to the kettle, something that ensures a good grip when poring from it.

Its done! Well it's gonna age for two months while turning wevery day, but somehow it's finished.


The reason why I changed kettle is that th first one had a lining of Teflon or something. It was black. The kettle is also used for other things, and I experienced to get black spots in the milk with it. If it was the lining or burnt food remains, I don't know, but I bought this 12 liter kettle in old fashion aluminum, that, if treated the right way will serve me the best way possible.

I usually make the cheese on Saturday. This week I might not. I'm out of bacteria culture. Have ordered new, that I hoped would come before the weekend, but then it has to come today, so I am waiting impatiently, but we'll see...

Have a cheesy day!