Nöst V, Done 27 Jul 2021

This cheese turned out to be the one I made while writing the recipe for the Cheese. until then I'd used Nöst II as that. However, I felt that I needed a real recipe.

Of that reason, there's not much to tell about this cheese. There is a few things that I'd like to mention:

  • This time I wanted to make the cheese a bit bigger to fit perfectly into the press.
  • I added 6 dl more liquid, but I went for 37% cream, not milk. Just wanted to try it!
  • The cheese became bigger (as it should be), and after salting and drying it still felt a bit softer than the ones before.
  • The milk was not as normal with 4% fat. They didn't have that on the store I was. So I bought the one with 3,5% fat. Next time I will use 4%!
  • I used a different bacteria culture on this cheese, as will I on the one I'll make the 29th May 2021 (tomorrow for me) too. I bought this culture from the place I get the rest of the stuff I need for cheese, but found that i prefere the other type, so now I buy everything from one online store apart from the culture that's bougt from a different deliverer. I will  have to do it that way.

Other than that, everything went as the cheeses before.


Here are some pictures of the process: 

The ingredients

Varming the milk

The sachet of bacteria culture was for 10 liter.
I use 5,6 liter each time, so I have to devide it into two halves.

Warming water while the curd is resting.

Removing wey to replace with water.

Now it's full!

Look at that big beautiful cheese!

All wrapped up and ready for the aging process