Nöst VI, Done 30 Jul 2021

This cheese is the first to use my new recipe (as you might know, I used the last cheese to make the recipe. I soon found that I used 3 dl cream too much. That resulted in a cheese at 1059 gram, that's a bit more then my press could take, so it made the cheese big and a bit on the soft side.

That's probably OK, but I changed the recipe to read «3 dl cream», because I still want the creaminess from the cream, but I also want to fit the cheese into my press. 

This time I'll just use a gallery with subtext to show the process (and frankly. it's just so I can remember what I did when making this particular cheese).

As usual, you can click the pictures to see them big in a new window.

The ingredients. I used (as shown) 3 dl too much cream!

The first thing i did when I got the cheese cloths in the mail, was to make three of them into round cloths. That'll fit better in my press, and will make the cheese surface smoother.

I'm using the same press, the same jig to hold it (that one works perfectly, by the way), but a brand new and adapted cheese cloth. It's also of a finer weave then the old one, so even in that respect it's better

This is the five minute break/five minutes stir, five minute brake process, right after the curd has been cut.

Now, this press is full! To full, as it turned out. I managed to close the press, but I had big problems with it coming out the sides. I had to use the backside of a knife to push the cloth in while I slowly pressed it close.

Then it was 10 hours in the press.

It did turn out quite nice, though!
It did (somehow) get into the press it was pressed, and with the new cheese cloth it's much smoother on the surface. If it hadn't been a bit too big, it would be damned near perfect!

I was a bit inpatient while unwrapping the cloth, so I tore of a tiny bit on the side of the cheese. It still turned out as the best looking cheese I've made so far.

Everything's got (at least) two sides. So does this cheese.

So(!) satisfied with the fine texture!

So... It should be finished at the very end of July. I am looking forward to taste this one. If it's better than the others,
I will have an ongoing problem getting the cheese into the press, using a bit to much milk/cream in the process.



And as always: Have a cheesy day!