PapriCheese I, Done 13 Aug 2021

This cheese need a bit of preparing. We do not want any wild bacteria in our culture, so the paprika itself must be treated to remove or kill the bacteria types we don't want.

Let's have a look at the way I made this cheese:

First I clean my hands and tools thoroughly. Then I rinse the paprika on the outside very well! The paprika was cut and the best and reddest parts were used.

When the paprika was weighed, it turned out to be 222 g 

I wanted 1/3 of salt, that's 74g

The mixed paprika and salt was put in a sieve, covered with clingfilm and set in the fridge over night. That was done for two reasons. Firstly the salt draws out water from the paprika, so I can strain away much of that. Secondly, the salt kills the halofobic bacteria.

Next morning, I followed the recipe all the way till the last minute before the 20 min stirring.

In the meantime I rinsed the paprika in cold water to remove some of the salt that was there. Then I stemed it in the sieve for about ten minutes.

I sprinkled the steamed paprika on a paper towel...

...then I covered it with some more paper and left it to dry.

I followed the recipe until one minute before I was done with the 20 minutes of stirring. Then I added the paprika.

Adding the mix into the colander it got quite full, and I had to add slowly to let some wey run away. 

15 minutes later, the wey has mostly run into the sink and it looks dry (but isn't).

The remaining wey, what I could squeeze out of it was removed and now the curd is ready for pressing. 

Nice lump of Curd with paprika in it!

It did get full enough, that's for sure.

The cloth got folded as neatly as possible.

Then it's at least ten hours of pressing.

Here it is, just out of the press and ready for 12 hours of salting in saturated brine.

Vacuum packed and ready for aging until 13th August.


As always: Have a cheesy day!