Rosè I, Done 21 Aug 2021

This is also an experiment, more or less. I know Rose pepper is good with cheese, so no I am finding out if it's good in cheese!

The production method is the same as Nöst, but 4 tea spoons of rosè pepper is added one minute before the 20 minute stirring is done. The pepper buds (yeh it's not seeds, but the flower buds that are used in rosè pepper), gets a minute to soften in the diluted wey and I hope that will make them give tast better in the cheese and soften them up a bit. 

The ingredients are the same as the normal Nöst cheese...

...with four tea spoons Rosè pepper added!

Since I started waiting an whole hour for the curding to finish, I've got a very nice and firm curd. Got to say I love that!
I won't drag you through the whole process every time. It's well shown in the recipe. I only show you (mostly) what's special for this making of this cheese.

It got is' time in the press. It should be minimum 10 hours. This time I left it over night, so it probably got a couple of hours more and that's OK. I will use this method from now on.

Straight out of the press and still wrapped in cheese cloth. Now it's going to be unwrapped and salted for ten hours.
I am contemplating changing that to 14 hours, but I'll wait a few weeks till I have tasted more than one of the cheeses. We'll see...

This picture is taken when the cheese has been unwrapped, but not salted yaet. Front side...

...and back!


Here it is Done, vacuum packed and ready for a long rest in my 7° fridge.


And as always: Have a cheesy day!