This part should have been written just after I wrote the install instructions for MariaDB. But I was to eager to start showing you code. So I take it now, before you need any of the extra tools I like to install to make the computer agreeable and capable of all the weird things I need my PC to do to make the work I do simpler.


I am not affiliated to any of the people/companies I talk about here. 
I just use these programs and they are free, so I'd like you to know too.

I have already talked about Eclipse and PyDev, so we'll skip these now. Same with HeidiSQL.

This is the ultimate screen sharing app. I use it mainly to take screen shots in a rectangular area, but it can also capture a screen session and save it like a movie clip. It can do so much that I must refer to their website, where they have a good documentation. ShareX also, in the «Tools» menu choice, have a screen colour picker. That is something I use quite often, as I see a colour i like and want to use.  Use this program all the time!
If you are programming for net or desktop, a ruler is always good. and this one really does the trick for me. It's simple - it's intuitive and it counts the pixels for my app. I need this, that's for sure.
This thingy is really a keyboard enhancer, but it does a lot more. I have made a script that does the following:
Win-key + z Launches your default browser at AutoHK's site
Ctrl + Alt + n Launches Notepad++
Ctrl + Alt + p Launches Putty
When starting Set CapsLock to off and changes it into a Shift -key
Ctrl + Alt + t Launches Total Commander, a hard disk file manager I have used for many years.
Alt + Left Mouse button Move the window around no matter where you hold it. It doesn't have to be the top line of the program. This is a useful function to anyone.
Alt + T Toggles «Always on top» for the active application. A very useful function, since most Windows applications don't have that menu selection (some have, though).
Key bindings  
AltGr + < Returns « As left quote
AltGr + z Returns » As right quote
AltGr + c Returns © The copyright symbol
AltGr + a Returns ° The degree symbol
AltGr + x Returns ½ A half
AltGr + r Returns ® Registered trade mark
AltGr + d Returns ð Islandic letter (th)
AltGr + b Returns ß Greek v, German double «s»
AltGr + + Returns ± Plus minus
AltGr + o Returns Greek letter omega
AltGr + t Returns Trade Marked
AltGr + p Returns The Greek letter pi

Your needs may vary, and I am not even using a little part of what this program can do, so you can read about it in the documentation section at their web site

A color coding plain editor. It supports Python, so it can color code that. For me it also have another much needed function. It can, via FTP or SFTP edit online documents directly. I have a background in web programming (HTML/PHP/JavaScript), so that function is nice.
LibreOffice is a full, free office suite. Needed for documentation. I think a word processor is a must for documentation, as I usually make PDF documents as documentation.
Windows xKill
This is a nice little program that runs in your sys tray. If you press Ctrl + Alt + Backspace, It will be invoked. It will then kill the application you click on next. To cancel, press Esc.

If a program refuses to stop (endless loop, anyone?), this little utility will usually do the trick. No need fot Ctrl + Alt + Delete to get to the task manager.

These are the programmes I need to program comfortably . You might not have the same preferences, but this package - if you install all of it - will make the programming easier for you.

Have a day so nice that you won't really believe it!

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