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Yeah, I know I said that for this course I'd use Eclipse. I still think it's a nice editor for the job, and if you prefer to continue use it, feel free!
However, it seems like Visual Studio Code for Windows (it also comes for Mac & Linux (two versions - .deb for Ubuntu, Mint and it's likes and a .rpm for Fedorea, SuSE and more)) seems to be a little better due to it's plethora of plugins and it's ability to help the programmer more than Eclipse can.

Visual Studio Code comes with a license I can very well live with, so there's no problem, license vice. It does collect data and have auto-updates, though, but at the download page there is good explanations on how to turn that off.

Disable auto-update:
I like to decide myself when I want updates, so I look for them from time to time. Not for Windows Update, since I'm one of the weirdos that want it all, when it comes to Windows™ itself. But for everything else, I prefer to jut click Help -> Check for updates to update, when I want it.

Disable telemetry reporting:
Turning this off, makes VSCode only send crash reports (and we don't like that either, so...).

Disable crash reporting:
When that's turned off, you are as clear as you can be.

Now when all that's said, I can tell you how to install it.
Download it and run the installer. The next thing you do is to load a file from this course or your own *.py -file. Once you do that, VSCode ask you if it should install the Python plugin. It shall!
Now the plugin-system is there, so one might as well install the ones I found I'd start with:

  • Python Extension Pack
  • Python Indent
  • Python Extended
  • Python Type Hint
  • Python Extension Pack

These are the ones I thought looked nice to have, but do I find any other, I'll tell you about it first!

I dunno, but I feel that VSCode launches the application I make faster than Eclipse.

Anyway, from now on, I use VSCode when explaining code and not Eclipse. I am not a bit sorry for the change. I think it's a change for the better, and do not forget that I am writing this course while I'm learning the stuff myself, so things like this is bound to happen.

In the next session we'll update our database record.

Have an enjoyable day!!

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