One more thing - CNC for making PCBs

You don't need this!!

There are different ways to make PCBs (Printed Circuit Board):

  • You can buy it.
    It's not expensive to get your PCBs made in China, like with e.g. this company. It's the first I found when searching the net.
  • You can use a photo sensitive PCB sheet and a ink printer.
    You'll find an explanation here.
  • You can use a CNC and a blank, copper covered sheet and cut the traces out.

The latter method is the one I've done. I fount the machine at the left here for less then 200€.

It came in pieces, so I had to assemble it myself. That wasn't too bad, though.

After I got it I have just cut wood with it, so I am not familiar with doing the fine cutting yet. I have ordered a package with drillbits from 0.1 mm to 3 mm, where I am after the small ones for PCB-making.


I'll keep you informed.