• Updating the database entry

    Now, the program we are making has so much code, that from now on the session does not start with a picture of the code. I will however explain it line by line, as before. and there will be a file you can download with the code in at the end of this session.

  • Code Editor

    Yeah, I know I said that for this course I'd use Eclipse. I still think it's a nice editor for the job, and if you prefer to continue use it, feel free!
    However, it seems like Visual Studio Code for Windows (it also comes for Mac & Linux (two versions - .deb for Ubuntu, Mint and it's likes and a .rpm for Fedorea, SuSE and more)) seems to be a little better due to it's plethora of plugins and it's ability to help the programmer more than Eclipse can.

  • Tools

    This part should have been written just after I wrote the install instructions for MariaDB. But I was to eager to start showing you code. So I take it now, before you need any of the extra tools I like to install to make the computer agreeable and capable of all the weird things I need my PC to do to make the work I do simpler.

  • Making our window look better

    We've fetched the information from the database, but it comes as one long line and enclosed with (' '). It also stretches the window way to wide. Today we're going to fix all that. We'll have to rewrite most of what we've done to work with columns, so we can scroll.

  • Fetching the DB-info

    The information is now safely saved in the database. So the next thing is to get the info into the program in some way, isn't it?
    The first thing to do is to import the plugins we need:

    From the Python wiki:

  • MariaDB & HeidiSQL - introduction

    Making a database in HeidiSQL
    When you open HeidiSQL, you will get the session manager.

  • Hello World!



  • Installing python and some plugins

    Installing python

    Installing python is quite simple (the difficult part comes later). Go to python.org/downloads and choose the latest version.It's close to the top of the page.

    Then you run the installer. Remember to check the checkbox to make installer set your path.

  • Learning python; introduction

    I am a PHP programmer mostly. PHP does not love the desktop, even if you use e.g. PHPDesktop and its like. It kinda works, but it doesn't really work as other desktop apps. It can run there, but it is in a weird environment.